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Hypnotherapy for You

Move beyond your limitations...

Move beyond your restrictions...

Move beyond your inhibitions...

Move beyond your fears...

Move to "I CAN"
Authored by Karen Kleparek

What is Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a normal and natural function of your mind.  You go into hypnosis (your subconscious) mind hundreds of times a day.  The most common for adults is while you are driving.  The conscious mind gets bored and you start daydreaming, thinking about home, work, etc.  It could be a thousand different things.  As you think about and focus your thoughts on these things your outside awareness disappears and you begin driving on autopilot.  You are now in unintentional hypnosis.  This is when it is easy to be in an accident.  You also can go into unintentional hypnosis watching a really good movie and the outside awareness is gone, you are in that movie.  Being really focused on you computer causes unintentional hypnosis also, again the outside awareness is gone unless the phone rings, etc.  Other examples would be exercising, sitting in a classroom, or reading a book.  I'm sure you can think of other examples just by thinking how you go through your day.

You can also go into unintentional hypnosis due to stress. Stress causes 85% of unintentional hypnosis.  The conscious mind becomes stressed and you can't deal with what is happening and the shift to the subconscious mind occurs. This is what is known as the fight or flight mode.  During this time you can be in anxiety attacks or panic attacks,  many times unable to control your behavior.

I talked about unintentional hypnosis and how it works, now I'd like to talk about intentional hypnosis.  This is usually done in an office.  Intentional hypnosis starts with relaxation, visualization and deepening techniques, causing the conscious mind to shift, thus allowing the subconscious mind to be in the dominant position.  During hypnosis your subconscious mind is alert, focused and open to suggestions.  You will never accept a suggestion that is not in line with your moral or ethical codes or belief systems.  I can't make you quack like a duck unless you really want to.  (Most men clients ask me that one!)  In hypnosis I add logic and reasoning to past behaviors, and give you new suggestions based on your new goals, actions and feelings you desire to have.  The new suggestions then become your new behavior and override the old behavior you no longer want or desire.

So as we grow older our behavior and emotional responses are determined a large degree by the programming of our earlier years.  With hypnosis we can rid ourselves of unwanted thoughts, emotions, and feeling that we no longer need or want.  Hypnosis is a pleasant way to change emotional and physiological responses that make us unhappy and unhealthy.  I have seen thousands of clients during my time as a hypnotherapist.  I am devoted in guiding my clients to reach their goals; to become the person they desire to be; and move beyond old thoughts, feeling and emotions that are holding them back!


The first appointment for hypnotherapy is my consult, in which I take a complete  history and explain how hypnosis works.  I also discuss what you can expect to achieve with hypnotherapy and approximately how many sessions are needed, based on what is discussed in the consult.  This takes approximately an hour and a half.   The first session  in hypnosis is usually scheduled for the next week and lasts about an hour and half.

There may be several additional sessions based on the information we discuss during the consult. I will make you a recording and each recording is personalized just for your needs.  While using the recording you are hypnotizing yourself, reinforcing and empowering yourself with the thoughts, feelings and emotions that lead you to achieve and maintain your personal goals and desires.  I supply flash drives or CDs for the recording and in most cases I email you the recording from my phone within a few days.

I follow your progress carefully over the phone, and I will have you return for fine tuning if necessary.  In many instances several issues can be addressed at the same time.  I work with teens and adults.  Payment is with check, cash or credit card at time of visit.  Most insurances companies do not cover Hypnotherapy.  Some company flex plans may reimburse. Flexible daytime appointments.

"There are no wrong turnings.
Only paths we had not known
we were meant to walk.

Guy Gavriel Kay


Hypnosis is a powerful and pleasant way to change emotional and physiological responses that make us unhappy and unhealthy!

"Change Your Thoughts and You Change Your World!"
Norman Vincent Peale

Your subconscious mind is there for your health and happiness, use it for your benefit!

Karen Kleparek, RN, BS
25 Years of Experience
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

(520) 292-2000 or Click Here to send a Message

"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says

Audrey Hepburn