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Fear of Flying – Client Case

An exaggerated fear that often turns into a phobia is the fear of flying.  We have all been told that we are much safer flying than driving our car to work and we can understand this consciously.  We may go along for years feeling just fine until a situation occurs, where we felt out of control and logic goes out the window.  This is especially difficult if it is a pilot that has flown for over 20 years, and within six months developed a flying phobia.  My client had flown in every type of weather for years, loved to fly, and always had felt in control whenever flying.  Then six months before seeing me he experienced a problem while flying, started to feel out of control which led to his first ever anxiety attack. Over a period of six months he started to dread flying. Even thinking about flying caused him anxiety and the fear grew in intensity until he almost gave up flying. In the last year he was also extremely stressed with other personal issues which he had very little control over and this feeling of being out of control compounded his flying fear.  His personal emotional state just fed into his fears when flying, the feelings of being out of control! In my first session with him I added logic and reasoning to his previous flying problems, added re-framing, positive visualization and suggestions also about his personal life.  He went flying the next day, feeling more relaxed, confident and self-assured than he had in months. The next week he was flying out of a national airport, excited  and confident once more to be doing something he loved to do. As I’ve mentioned before hypnotherapy can be extremely quick and powerful in alleviating fears, anxieties and phobias. Don’t let fear control your life!