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Evidential Mediumship
and Messages from Spirit

Do you believe your loved ones who have passed on STILL exist and live on in spirit?

As an Evidential Medium it is my purpose to give you undeniable proof and validation that your Spirit loved ones (your Spirit People) do live forever and continue on in spirit. I will give you information that only you and your Spirit People will know, including memories, messages and details that can be verified by you. I will give you answers to questions you may have for them and give you the opportunity to ask whatever you wish.


It's important to realize that all of us are in a field of consciousness (energy) that is forever and never dies. Your loved ones are in spirit consciousness, while we are in human consciousness because we have a body. When we pass on to the other side we become spirit. The saying “the other side” means they no longer have a human form. They are still people, only in spirit form. Therefore, I call them Spirit People. Your loved ones are always around you, they are here now, they are just at a higher vibration.  They look forward to hearing from you and are excited to connect with you!

Would you like to know if your Spirit Person sends you signs that they are with you and what those signs might be?

This and many other questions can be answered in the reading. Many times, in the reading I can find out what signs they send to you, what they are doing on the other side, and who is with them.  One of my Spirit contacts was studying astrometrics. I had to look it up and found out that it is a branch of astronomy that involves precise measurements of the positions of stars and movements of stars and other celestial bodies! Another Spirit contact was an author and was writing spiritual books. Many spirit People show up with their pets, which is always a treat!

There is a never-ending list of signs that Spirit People can send to you and many books that cover this topic in great detail.  Here are a few of some of the most common ones I’ve personally experienced.  They can use your electronics, i.e. call your phone, talk through your phone when you answer, interject sentences into your texts, and  play with your TV. They can use nature, such as animals, birds, butterflies, and clouds. You may find coins out of nowhere, feathers may show up, and objects around you go missing or are moved. The list can go on and on! You may already be getting signs and not be aware of them.

How do Mediums communicate with Spirit People

All of us have 5 senses: sight, hearing, touch, seeing and taste. All of us also have what’s called the sixth sense. This is the sense that allows us to perceive and understand events that are beyond the understanding of the intellect. Examples are intuition and premonitions of events. Mediums use this sense during a reading. I can see images and impressions (clear vision), called clairvoyance.  I can hear sounds and voices (clear hearing) called clairaudient.   I can perceive feelings and emotions from spirit called clairsentience.   So, during the reading I can see, hear, and feel information from your Spirit Person. During the reading I raise my vibrations and energy higher and spirit adjust theirs a little, allowing us to communicate soul to soul. Picture and imagine a radio where I am changing the dial. I’m tuning into a field of consciousness and energy of your loved one’s vibration. We are all connected at different vibrations and I am fine tuning into your Spirit Peoples’s thoughts, images, and feelings.  I attune, connect, and talk with your Spirit People.

Do you wonder what a reading is like and how your presence can make a difference in the reading? 

 A reading is a three-way communication and conversation between your Spirit People, (my client), you the sitter, (also my client) and me. All of us play an integral and important part in the reading. Suzanne Giesmann, a well-known Evidential Medium uses the term “The Sacred Triangle of Mediumship”.  She states, “there are three contributing energies and each one of those parts of this sacred triangle is equally important. The triangle is sacred because anytime we connect with the spirit world, we have the potential to provide healing on both sides and to provide comfort and transformation”.

It's my responsibility as an Evidential Medium to prepare mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and bring high energy to your reading.

As I mentioned before your Spirit People adjust their vibration to connect in the middle. Spirit People come through as they want to. We have no control in how they show up or if they show up. They choose how they want to look.  They communicate to you what they what to say and many times will give you the messages they feel are the most important for you. They are people in spirit form, and they still have their personalities and traits etc.

You, the sitter, play a very important role in the reading. Please come with an open mind and an open heart. Everyone’s energy plays into the spiritual field during the reading!

In Closing

 Each reading is different. I will do my best for you and your Spirit People and give you evidence that your Spirit People are indeed with you and continues with you always.


I look forward to reuniting you with your loved ones.
In Light, Karen

Your loved ones are only a thought away
Embrace the possibilities!

The reading I had with Karen was amazing! She saw things about my family that were very specific to each of their personalities and my memories of them all – things she wouldn’t know unless she was actually connecting with them.  Karen brought up some things she was seeing that were a bit confusing to her, but they made complete sense to me, and I explained how what she was seeing was right on!  We had a great time, laughing about the quirkiness she was seeing from my weird and wonderful family!  It was proof that they are happy and still around me.

Thanks Karen!



Heath and Happiness AZ White Feather

Feathers float down from the sky,
Oh My!
Like a ticker tape fluttering by.
Like the appearance of a yellow butterfly,
A gift from Spirit you cannot deny!

Heath and Happiness AZ Yellow Butterfly

"Be on the lookout for things that fly,
And other surprises that money can't buy.
They are signs from Spirit that do not lie;
You're not alone, and Spirit does not die."

Suzanne Giesemann


Readings are by phone or in person.
The reading will last approximately 45 minutes.
You are welcome to record the session on any of your devices,
Or I can record it for you.

Karen Kleparek, RN, BS
Evidential Medium

(520) 292-2000 or Click Here to send a Message

All Here

The gang’s all here!

Those loved ones who have passed!

Your beloved pets! Yes, they are around you.

They are family… your soul family.

Life does not end with the passing of the body. 

You are connected eternally at an energetic level.

There is a joining of the heart that has nothing to do with the physical.

It is not just in your mind.

You all arise from the one, of Source and Consciousness. 

You circle around in little eddies in the Stream of Consciousness,

Traveling in larger and larger patterns of flow.

Your soul family is one of these patterns.

You are not reduced to “just energy.”

This energy is Love… Divine Intelligence…

It arises as exactly what is needed moment by moment.

Excerpts from Sanaya

Karen’s Mediumship Code of Ethics

I have personal and professional integrity at all times.

My clients and their loved ones who are in spirit, are my highest priority.

I strive for joy, hope, and healing in my readings and all spiritual work.

I keep all readings confidential and discreet.

I do not give diagnosis or psychological counseling.

I will work conscientiously for the highest and best good for all.

I act in a manner which promotes and encourages quality mediumship.

I am not a psychic. I do not give advise or predict the future.

If I am unable to connect with your spirit person, there is no charge.