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Evidential Mediumship

Messages from Spirit
Messages From Spirit

All Here

The gang’s all here!

Those loved ones who have passed!

Your beloved pets! Yes, they are around you.

They are family… your soul family.

Life does not end with the passing of the body. 

You are connected eternally at an energetic level.

There is a joining of the heart that has nothing to do with the physical.

It is not just in your mind.

You all arise from the one, of Source and Consciousness. 

You circle around in little eddies in the Stream of Consciousness,

Traveling in larger and larger patterns of flow.

Your soul family is one of these patterns.

You are not reduced to “just energy.”

This energy is Love… Divine Intelligence…

It arises as exactly what is needed moment by moment.

Excerpts from Sanaya

I found Karen’s Health and Happiness Hypnotherapy Website almost five years ago.  My mother had just passed and I was emotionally and physically depleted.  Karen helped me start the healing process with her compassionate, caring and insightful spirit.  Over the years my healing continued but left me with questions that only my mom could answer.  When Karen shared her calling to Mediumship I was interested but a little anxious about the process.  During the session Karen relayed information from my mom that only the two of us would have known.  Since my session, I feel my mom’s presence in my everyday life more than ever.

Thank you, Karen for your continued help and beautiful spirit.

Mediumship is spiritual to me.

Since I was a young girl, I have been in communication with those who have transitioned to the other side. My journey with spirits has brought me to this time in my life as an Evidential Medium. It is my joy and purpose to bring you messages from your loved ones. We are all Spirit Beings here, now and forever.

During the reading I give you evidence that your loved ones who have passed still exist and live on in spirit.  I capture their evidential essence so that you know they are present.  Not all details are passed along to me, they will do their best to let you know they are with you.

A mediumship reading is a 3 way connection between “spirits on the other side, the medium, and the sitter.” Every thought, every image, every feeling has a distinct frequency.  Like a radio station, a medium will tune into certain frequencies better than others.

I almost always bring through exactly who the sitter hoped to hear from. If we near the end of the reading and that person has not come through, I will ask if there is anyone you wanted to hear from and will try to attune to them. Those on the other side know exactly what is best for the greatest possible good, so each reading is different.   I will do my best for you and your loved ones on the other side during your reading.

Please come with an open mind and open heart.

I look forward to reuniting you with your loved ones.

Blessings, Karen

Reading Appointments

Readings are by phone or in person.
It will last approximately 45 minutes.
Your session will be recorded in MP3 (audio format).
I'll email the file to you as soon as possible after the reading.
You will be able to listen to the reading on your computer, and can save it to a CD, MP3 player or smart phone.

Karen Kleparek, RN, BS
Evidential Medium

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Your loved ones are only a thought away
Embrace the possibilities

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