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Meet Karen

The Rest of the Story . . .

As a child I grew up wanting to be a nurse.  That was my goal.  My idols were Clara Barton and Florence Nightingale.

In 1969 I accomplished that goal and graduated with a Registered Nursing Degree from St. Elizabeth’s School of Nursing in Yakima, Washington.   After nursing school I joined the Air Force with a 2 year commission as an officer. I was assigned to Andrews Air Force base in Maryland, the Presidents Base. I loved being an officer and a nurse caring for the soldiers.  In 1971 I was honorably discharged as a 1st Lt. I'm VERY proud to have served.

In 1974 I went to Chapman College in California, to obtain my Bachelor of Science Degree. (Thank you G.I. Bill)

In 1976 became an Occupational Health Nurse at American Home Foods Plant in Vacaville, California.  It was a new learning experience in nursing.  This led me to one of my most favorite jobs, being the first Occupational Health Nurse at Anheuser Busch start up plant at Fairfield, California.

1978 I found myself in Izmir Turkey, teaching English to Turkish students at the Turkish American Association.  What a wonderful experience!

1979 in Yakima, Washington I was nursing again.  For the next 11 years I worked in all types of nursing including hospital, doctor’s offices, and long term care facilities..

About Karen

My Happy Place

In the late 1980’s I was beginning to look around for alternative types of nursing that would allow me to continue helping others.

In 1991, serendipitously I met a Hypnotherapist who was also a nurse.  I thought to myself, “This is perfect, I could do this, I would love to do this!”  I now had a new purpose that would fit all my needs and continue to allow me to help others.  I became a Certified Hypnotherapist and have never looked back.

In 1994 I opened my hypnotherapy practice in Tucson and for over 26 years I've been helping others fulfill their goals and dreams.

Evidential Mediumship fulfills my desire to continue in helping others. I bring you "Messages From Spirit," your loved ones who are always with you.

Evidential Mediumship under the auspices of Suzanne Giessmann, an internationally well known Evidential Medium, author, lecturer, and teacher. In 2022 she was recognized in Watkin's magazine, MIND, BODY, SPIRIT as one of the Most Spiritual Influential People Living.
Treatment Provider and Professional Member of the Trichotillomania Learning Center, Inc
Immune System Hypnotherapy Advanced Course Certification -Dr Michael Preston, The Institute of Medical Hypnosis, Phoenix, AZ
Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification under the tutelage of Dr. Michael Preston, The Institute of Medical Hypnosis, Phoenix, AZ
Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification  from Jackie Hamiter RN. Washington State
B.S. in Natural Sciences with Emphasis on Health Care, Chapman College, Orange, CA
R.N. Diploma—ST. Elizabeth School of Nursing, Yakima, WA