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Find Your Joy

Health and Happiness Clinical Hypnotherapy

WELCOME, in my practice as a Tucson Evidential Medium and Hypnotherapist, my soul’s intention is to give you the ability to realize your goals, dreams and find your personal joy.

As a Registered Nurse for over 50 years, I have worked in many branches of nursing, including serving as a 1st Lt. in the Air Force.  Upon moving to Tucson, Arizona in 1992, I attended the Institute of Medical Hypnosis, in Phoenix, AZ.  I became certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy under the tutelage of Dr. Michael Preston, an internationally recognized hypnotherapist, instructor and lecturer. He is known as the “Miracle Dr.” and author of the book, HYPNOSIS: Medicine of the Mind.

I opened my Tucson office as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist in 1994.  I can assist you in all phases of self-improvement.  My extensive background in Nursing has proven invaluable in my ability to help you prepare for surgeries, medical procedures, dealing with health issues and phobias.  I guide you in reaching your goals to become the person you desire and wish to be.   Moving you beyond old thoughts, feelings and emotions that hold you back.

As a Tucson Medium, I am fulfilling my sacred calling through Evidential Mediumship, by bringing you “Messages From Spirit”, I reunite you with your loved ones who have transitioned to the other side.  I’ll give you evidence from those who are in spirit form that life is eternal. I am a conduit, a translator, and a messenger for those in spirit.  My intention and goal as a Tucson Evidential Medium, is to validate to you that your loved ones DO continue in spirit form in the forever afterlife.

I studied Evidential Mediumship under the auspices of Suzanne Giesemann, an internationally well-known Evidential Medium, author, lecturer, and teacher.  In 2022 she was recognized in Watkin’s magazine; MIND, BODY SPIRIT as one of the Most Spiritually influential People Living.

Being a Medium gives me great Joy and I am honored, blessed, and excited to bring this valuable service to you,

butterfly Heath and Happiness

In Light,

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