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Mediumship Reviews

I found Karen’s Health and Happiness Hypnotherapy Website almost five years ago.  My mother had just passed and I was emotionally and physically depleted.  Karen helped me start the healing process with her compassionate, caring and insightful spirit.  Over the years my healing continued but left me with questions that only my mom could answer.  When Karen shared her calling to Mediumship I was interested but a little anxious about the process.  During the session Karen relayed information from my mom that only the two of us would have known.  Since my session, I feel my mom’s presence in my everyday life more than ever.  Thank you, Karen for your continued help and beautiful spirit.
Tucson, AZ

I had never been to a Medium before and truthfully had misgivings when I made an appointment to see Karen.  I really wanted to hear from my father and brother who had died years ago.  Karen did not let me down.  She described both of them to me and their pets that they had when they were alive.  I was astounded when she explained seeing my father wearing a green visor working on some things on a table.  You see, my father was a watch repairman in the 1950’s and wore the green visor to take away the strain of close work repairing the watches.  This is info that Karen could have never known about!  They told her that they would be leaving signs from them to me with coins and birds showing up unexpectedly.  And I have been seeing these items around me “out of the blue”.   My reading with Karen was transforming for me, and I know that my father and brother are with me everyday and do live on after dying. With Gratitude.
Tucson AZ

I have known Karen for many years, as a friend and colleague. We would spend many lunches together as she would talk about the messages she received from those who had crossed over.  I was thrilled when she finally decided to open up her practice as an evidential medium and I was one of the first to ask her to do a reading for me! Karen has so much integrity and commitment to her work and her accuracy is amazing! She was able to tell me many things about my best friend who had passed, and it felt as if I was talking to my friend again in person. I highly recommend Karen to anyone who is seeking to reconnect with a loved one who has departed from this physical plane. She won’t disappoint!
Willow S, Tucson AZ

I have seen Karen several times in the last few years for readings.  I always come away completely satisfied and excited.  She gives me information that validates to me that indeed she is communicating with my family and friends that have passed on.  Karen gives me information that only myself and those who have passed would know.  My readings with Karen are uplifting and filled with tears and laughter.  She is compassionate, caring and truly gifted!  Thank you, Karen!