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Cheerleading, Gymnastics and Sports

Hypnosis can be used as a wonderful tool in sports performance.  The first thing that comes to mind is  golf and tennis because many books have been written for these sports, many times referring to “being in the zone”.  So what about other sports situations.  Using hypnosis for cheerleading and gymnastics in children and teens can be extremely powerful and helpful for the child.  Many times the child is doing great in the sport for months or years and then has a fall or trips up and that may actually take the stuffing out of them or in some cases cause a minor injury.  Depending on the stress at the time they either get back up and start over or in many cases their confidence begins to erode and fear sets in.  They find themselves more and more unable to complete the activity, even though they have successfully completed the activity hundreds of times.  Thoughts of fear of injury, low self confidence and self doubt begin to get stronger and more powerful even as the child continues to try and try again to complete the activity and usually ends up failing over and over again.  I have worked with many children and teenagers on just this problem.  Hypnosis (especially with young people) can be a very quick and powerful tool to help them get past the fear and move towards their goals once again, renewing self confidence and self esteem.