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Heart Surgery Preparation – Client Case

A client of mine was facing open heart surgery and was extremely apprehensive due to her medical problems.  She had previously experienced a heart attack and angiogram and was scheduled for  major surgery.  She had type 1 diabetes for years, compromised kidneys, and lung disease due to a previous history of smoking for many years.  She didn’t even think she would make it through the surgery, and the doctors also had many doubts.  I saw her prior to her surgery and made a tape for her.  I also saw her in the hospital the day before surgery with even more hypnotherapy.  This client experienced a successful and involved open heart surgery.   She came out of anesthesia in a much shorter period of time than most.  She had minimal discomfort after the surgery.   I saw her in  the I.C.U. the day after and gave her even more hypnotherapy including suggestions for normal sinus rhythm of the heart, increased kidney function, normal blood and urine chemistrys, and generalized post-operative healing.   Her doctors were amazed at her recovery, especially due to all her preexisting conditions. She left the hospital sooner than most patients and experienced a positive recovery.  This is just one example of the power of hypnosis in surgery situations.