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Medical, Surgical and Dental Fears

Hypnosis is an effective and pleasant way to reduce the anxieties and fears that can affect you prior to medical, dental, and surgical procedures.  Hypnosis has many benefits to lessen stress prior to the procedure, during the procedure, and speed up recovery time.  Most of us become stressed just thinking about going to the doctor even for a routine physical.  Our pulse rate goes up, blood pressure goes up, and we start breathing quicker, just by thinking about the exam.  Then when we are in the office, all of these may even increase especially our blood pressure, also known as the white coat syndrome.  All of our bodily functions are affected by our thoughts.  Stress and anxiety can change these functions, even putting our immune system to sleep.  When this occurs our body is no longer functioning at optimum levels to promote healing, to keep our vital signs normal, or to fight infection.

When hypnosis is used prior to surgery, dental or other procedures, clients enter into the procedure calm, relaxed, and comfortable.  You see, what is in the mind is in the body.  By changing  the way we think about a procedure, we also change our physical and emotional responses to that event.  Hypnosis decreases the amount of general and local anesthesia required, decreases bleeding, swelling, and pain after surgery.  It decreases  the frequency of nausea, and speeds up recovery.  It keep all vital signs in a much more normal pattern throughout the entire experience.  These remarkable benefits of hypnosis are instrumental in giving people the best opportunity for a positive surgical and recovery experience.  Hypnotherapy prior to surgery makes every-one’s  job easier and you the patient benefits the most.

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