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Preparing for Surgery – Client Case

Recently my brother had to have extensive abdominal surgery. Three years ago he had an acute and critical episode of pancreatitis, at times life threatening. The surgery he had was to remove organs damaged at that time which continued to cause him severe pain, were only partially working and were continuing to cause severe inflammation in his abdomen. He was told to expect a long surgery, (7-8 hours) in which they would remove his gallbladder, spleen, part of his bowel and part of his pancreas. He was told he would be at least a week in the hospital without complications and would need several weeks recovering. I made him a hypnosis CD to prepare him for this surgery which included pre-surgery, surgery and recovery suggestions. He listened to the CD  a week before his surgery. His four doctors are  amazed at how well he did. He had very little bleeding during the surgery even with all the inflammation. He was discharged on the fifth day after surgery with just oral pain medication. Every system was working perfectly upon discharge. A week after his surgery he had taken a half mile walk with his dog. In less than a week and a half he had started driving again and running errands. Two and a half weeks after the surgery he was working part time again.  I have helped clients prepare for surgery for many years and in every case they did much better than anticipated by their doctors, they experienced less complications and their recovery was shorter. My brother’s experience is a prime example of  the power of hypnosis when used in conjunction with medical procedures.

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