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Hypnotherapy Reviews

HYPNOSIS FOR SKIN PICKING   (EXCORIATION)                              

Hi Karen, I have been doing really well and no longer bite my nails or pick my skin.  I sometimes have the urge but it seems to pass when I listen to your CD you made me.  Honestly, coming to see you changed my life!  Two weeks ago, I went out dancing and I wore a tanktop!  I think about my keratosis pilaris less and less.  You really change  lives with  the work you do.  Coming to see you is the best gift I could have given to myself.  This is the first time in 21 years plus that I have had the compulsion to pick my skin that I feel like I am ok and not in this cycle where I have to pick.  I feel ok, and that is a feeling I can't remember feeling.  Thank you so much for being a great positive experience for me with never having undergone hypnosis before.  God bless you and all do.
Sincerely, Noemi - Tucson, AZ


For the past 16 years I've been a hair puller, pulling my eyebrows and my eyelashes.  It used to be subtle, so people never noticed.  As I got older and more stressed, I would pull out multiple hairs, so that I would be left with bald patches.  I would cover them up with make-up, always afraid that my co-workers and my family would notice, and would find out about my terrible habit, a habit that I couldn't control no matter how hard I tried.  I tried everything to stop pulling: vitamins, herbs, antidepressant medications, acupuncture, EFT, meditation, dietary changes and will power. None of it made any difference; I still pulled, and I still had bald patches.  The pulling was becoming more frequent, my eyebrows and eyelashes  were almost completely bald.  I knew that I had to do something to fix this.  I turned to the Internet, and after many hours of research, I stumbled upon Karen's website.  I was skeptical that Hypnosis could work for me after so many things had failed, but more Internet searches indicated that hypnosis was the only form of treatment that other hair pullers had found to be effective.  I called Karen and scheduled an appointment.  The results have been amazing!  I only pulled 3 times in the week after my first visit. I was able to recognize what I was doing, and calmly stop, something I never would have been able to do before!  After my second visit, I've stopped pulling.  Sometimes I still feel the urge, but when I do, I listen to the CD that  Karen made for me and the urge goes away.  It's amazing!  For the first time in 15 years I have full eyebrows and eyelashes!  I used to keep a makeup kit in my purse to hide the bald patches, but now I don't need it anymore.  My friends who knew about my hair pulling are amazed at the results!  This has truly been a life-altering experience.  Karen is truly amazing!  She is an incredibly perceptive listener, and seemed to intuitively know why I was pulling.  I wish I would have known about her sooner!
Tucson,  AZ


Medical hypnotherapy with Karen has reduced my need for insomnia medication, aided me in preparation for amniocentesis and enabled me to undergo a colonoscopy with a minimum of sedation. I wholeheartedly recommend medical hypnotherapy to my patients to fight addiction and phobias, reduce drug reliance and for procedural /surgical preparation.
Autumn Holder   NMD, PA-C


As the mother of a tween boy, I came to Karen for help in two areas: my son's procrastination when it came to his homework, and for some anxiety that he was often experiencing.  In one session with Karen, both of these areas were approached thoughtfully and with compassion.  Following one session, my son was able to overcome his habit of procrastination.  He now approaches homework in a timely manner and completes it with far fewer breaks. He is completing his homework in half the time it used to take.  In addition, his father and I have found that  his anxiety is controlled.  He now has the tools he needs to calm himself before tests, projects and athletic events.  My husband and I are grateful that Karen was able to help our son with these challenges.  We would not hesitate to have our son see her again should other challenges arise.
Tucson, AZ


My developmentally disabled brother was in a car accident four years ago and came into contact with MRSA.  He has recovered but he has 4-5 skin infections a year that show up in his eyelids.  As a way of communicating, my brother touches everything.  He also rubs his eyes habitually.  The goal in meeting with Karen was the hope that she could help my brother to stop rubbing his eyelids and therefore maybe lessen the skin infections.  Karen was very respectful to my brother and myself.  She spoke to my brother and explained hypnosis in a way he could understand.  Karen made a point of finding out what was important to him to use when she made his own hypnosis CD.  The CD addresses relaxation, tips on dealing with stress, elevating self esteem, and giving other options for my brother to use instead of rubbing his eyes.  He has been listening to the CD for about a month.  I've noticed that he seems more relaxed and more affectionate.  He says he has lessened rubbing his eyes.  It's hard for me to tell yet, but when he does rub his eyes I can redirect him quickly to his wristband which reminds him to stop rubbing.  Thank you Karen, you have given us two positive tools (CD and wristband) to work with and thank you for your caring demeanor.
Tucson, AZ


 One day I was driving down the street when things became very blurred for me.  I pulled over, and it seemed like forever before the ambulance came.  I was so scared, I thought I was dying.  The kids were crying and things just did not seem real to me.  I was taken to the hospital, where I was told I had an infection.  The day this happened changed my whole life.  I ended up back in the hospital because I felt sick.  I was told I was having anxiety attacks and I was given pills to control the anxiety.  I was still scared and very frightened to be alone or even drive alone.  Things got so bad for me and I tried everything I could think of to feel better.  Nothing seemed to help.  Then I heard about hypnotherapy and I thought why not, I've tried everything else.  You see for that whole year that I was sick I felt as though I was going to die.  I tried to stay in the house as much as possible.  I stopped doing things with my kids, I didn't care how I looked, I didn't care about anything!   I called Karen, the best thing that ever happened to me in over a year.  I told her how scared and sick I had felt for so long.  I felt very relaxed, safe, and very good during the session.  When I left the office I felt great.  I'm happy to say the next day I was driving alone and I wasn't scared anymore.  It was the greatest feeling to drive and to be alone again.  I saw Karen one more time and she made a CD for me to hypnotize myself.   Thanks to Karen I have my life back and I feel wonderful.  So to anyone who feels bad about their life, try hypnotherapy, it really works.  You will feel better after the first session.  It really works, I'm proof of that.  Before I met Karen I felt as if my life was over.  Karen helped me to see that my life was not over, but just beginning.  Thank you very much Karen, I owe all my happiness to you.
N.A.  Tucson, AZ


I Would like to tell you about a terrible experience that I once had.  I went to the dentist for a cleaning.  I was given four shots to numb my gums.  Something very strange started to happen to me, my body began to shake, my heart was pounding and my lips were trembling.  I felt awful.  The dentist gave me some oxygen to calm me.  Needless to say I never wanted to go back to the dentist again.  But then I chipped a tooth, so there I was again in the dentist's office.  My first visit went okay.  While there I made another appointment to clean my teeth.  So there I was for the second time.  I was given two shots to numb my gums.  Then things started to happen again.  My heart started pounding, I was sweating, my whole body started shaking, and I felt like I was going to die.  I was scared and crying.  I decided to go see Karen.  Karen hypnotized me and I felt wonderful.  The next appointment Karen made me a CD and I prepared for the next dental appointment.  The next time I went back to the dentist I was no longer scared.  I was calm, relaxed and free of anxieties that I had before.  For this I am very thankful to Karen for all her help.  If you find that you feel awful for any reason call Karen.  I know she can help you because she has done wonders for me!
A.C.  Tucson, AZ


Two months ago I had to have a major surgery that was expected to be very long and very tedious.  I had to have my gallbladder and spleen removed, and part of my pancreas and colon removed due to a life threatening bout of acute pancreatitis three years ago.  This surgery was to deal with all the damage done by the pancreas during the acute bout.  My sister Karen Kleparek made me a CD to get me ready for the surgery.  I had used her skills before and found hypnotherapy to be very powerful in other instances.  I decided to use the CD weeks before the surgery.  My surgeons and nurses were amazed at the speed of my recovery.  The surgery was still long, but I had very little bleeding which in itself was pretty profound as they expected more bleeding due to all the inflammation in my abdomen.  I left the hospital on the fifth day after surgery ahead of schedule.  Everything was working perfectly and they had no need to keep me any longer.  I was out walking my dog several days later and shopping and doing errands soon after that.  I wasn't walking a race but I was moving!  I just went back for my two month check-up and my doctor again commented on how well I was doing compared to other people who had the same surgery as me.  Because of Karen's skills and nursing background the hypnosis CD addressed the different steps in getting ready for surgery and the surgery recovery.  My vital signs remained normal, I ate ahead of schedule and all the other body functions that need to return to normal before you leave the hospital also occurred ahead of time.  If you are having surgery consider hypnotherapy.  It really works!  I'm a prime example of the benefits of using hypnotherapy for surgery.
Dennis G, Yakima, WA


After two years of dealing with a breakup and feeling like my world was continually crashing down around me, I decided to try hypnotherapy.  After my first session I felt as though a weight had been lifted off my chest.  Karen has such a gift with words. Now I listen to a CD every night before I go to bed that she made for me on the second session with her.  I feel like a new person.  For the first time in two years I am comfortable with myself and believe in myself.  This new found peace and resolution has healed my self doubt and anxiety.  I have a fresh view of my goals, and feel like I am finally able to move on with a brighter future; not to mention a happier and content sense of self.  I am so grateful for my dad who suggested hypnotherapy, and I feel blessed to have the expertise of Karen to finally help me regain my confidence.  Karen is absolutely delightful to work with and I would recommend her to everyone.
Kyla,   Tucson,AZ


Six years ago I saw Karen to quit smoking.  I had been smoking a pack a day for over 30 years.  I was in my early 50's and already had been diagnosed with emphysema.  I had tried to quit smoking seven times before I saw Karen for hypnosis.  I had tried Wellbutrin and patches without any success.  I have not had a cigarette since my first session with Karen.  I really wanted to quit smoking and that is the important point for anyone who wants to quit smoking, the desire to quit.  I now have bronchial COPD, which is the type I can live with.  Had I not quit smoking I would have the more severe life threatening type.  I know for a fact that without Karen's help I would never have been able to quit!
F. Regimbal, WA


I had a speaking engagement in China that  was very important  to me in terms of kicking off my new career.  To meet me, you would never know I would do anything to get out of a public speaking engagement.   I am enthusiastic and gregarious by nature and have run some very famous large hotels.  I felt desperate and was willing to try anything.  Working with Karen not only gave me the hope and confidence that I could do this but as a person, she is unbelievably interested in you, passionate, kind and her voice and hypnotherapy sessions provided great support for me.  I listened to a self hypnosis CD everyday leading up to the engagement.  The presentation went very well.  Despite a little pre- speak jitters which is natural for anyone, I not only was calm beyond my wildest dreams, now I am willing to take on more engagements in the future.   
Tucson, AZ


My life has changed and prayers have been answered with Karen’s expertise. I was consumed with eating! I was always thinking about food; what I was going to eat, morning, noon, evening and even into the next day and I wasn’t even out of bed yet! Since hypnotherapy I no longer think about food constantly. I can eat just one piece of candy, which I am very addicted to and I am okey. This is amazing to me! I am free from the control of food for the first time in my life. Thank you Karen!
B.F. Tucson, AZ


I have used your services three times for three specific needs in my life and have always been extremely pleased with the results. The hypnosis tapes you prepared for me were powerful and helped me accomplish several goals. In the past I had major surgery because of Stage 1 cancer of the breast and I had a mastectomy. This was the first major surgery I had ever had and I was extremely fearful and apprehension. Thank you for the session I had with you a week prior to my surgery. I listened to the tape you prepared for me each night before going to sleep. When the day of surgery arrived, I was relaxed, rested, and confident the outcome would be positive. My fears were gone and I felt calm. On the hypnosis tape you made for me, you suggested that there would be little blood loss and that healing would be quick. Immediately after surgery, my surgeon commented that I experienced very little loss of blood during the surgery. My healing was fast and normal. My energy returned quickly and regained full use of my left arm in record time. I am convinced that the hypnosis tape you prepared for me was the key factor in the success of my surgery and recovery. Hypnosis is a powerful tool and one that I will include in my life whenever appropriate.  Thank you for being such a wonderful partner in my health care.
Donna Reed, Tucson, AZ


It has been a pleasure to work with you. This was my first opportunity with hypnotherapy, and I can tell you that I am truly impressed. Your thorough explanation ofthe process was very enlightening and interesting. It helped me understand the process of hypnotherapy and what I could expect. As you are aware, after following your plan, I took the tests and I passed them with flying colors. I can not thank you enough for helping me to overcome the obstacles I encountered that kept me from passing these tests. I now identify other areas for both myself, family and friends for which hypnotherapy work with you would be helpful. Thanks again,
E.V. Tucson, AZ


I would like you to take the time to read my story. At the age of 13, I started to pull out my hair, one strand at a time. I would be listening to the teacher or feeling nervous and would start pulling. I never thought anything of it until a few weeks later I started to have a bald spot! I tried everything I could not to pull, but the more I thought about it, the more I did it. After about a year the whole top of my head was bald! My parents tried to help, I went to school counselors and nothing was helping. Junior high was miserable, I was teased, told I had cancer and my self esteem was gone. I no longer cared about school, I just wanted to find a way to stop and cover it up!

I got permission to wear a hat to school and that only put more unwanted attention on me, because I was the only one allowed to wear a hat. Kids thought I was a freak I thought why me? Why couldn’t I just bite my nails. Then I learned I was not alone and had a condition called trichotillomania, hair pulling.

To everyone with this problem, you are not alone. There are many of us out there with a problem that controls our life. I am going to help you, if you follow what I have done.  I had tried everything; wearing gloves, wig extensions, counselors, yoga, and nothing worked.! A friend of mine had gone to a hypnotherapist and was able to stop pulling. I thought with everything else I had tried why not give it a try. I honestly went into the appointment thinking is’s not going to work and this is a scam and then the other side of me said what did I have to lose, just more hair!

I found Health and Happiness Clinical Hypnotherapy and went to see Karen. Karen is truly amazing. She has such a calm way about her, she has changed my life forever! This only took two sessions for me to completely stop pulling out my hair. After 14 years I have found the cure for the emotional roller coaster that took over my life. It has been about a year since going to Karen and I still do not pull out my hair. My hell is over and now I know it is for good. For anyone out there who has this problem please do this for yourself. It can change your life. I have never felt better, my confidence is high and for once in my life I can wear any hair style I want.  You are not alone and this can be cured.  So stop pulling and trust Karen, go see her and do this for yourself. Heath and Happiness Clinical Hypnotherapy is a miracle. Thank you for reading my story.
Rachel, Tucson, AZ