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Hypnosis for Sports Performance

Much has been written about athletes using self-hypnosis to enhance and maximize their game, their competition, their endurance and stamina.  Some sports psychologists agree that 90% of how we do in our sport is mental, and the physical follows.  Many athletes get into the trap of over thinking the play, their reactions and actions, and become a victim of ” paralysis through analysis”.  This kind of action gets in the way of letting our subconscious do what it can do best.  We over ride the muscle memory and patterns that have been stored in the brain.  Learning self-hypnosis helps us to picture the perfect swing, the perfect throw, dance step, or the perfect dive etc.  The more we picture in our mind what we want to achieve, how to achieve it and see the perfect outcome, the more this behavior will become our reality.  Self-hypnosis allows us to remain calm, focused and centered inside when we practice or compete.  Hypnosis helps us improve our concentration, timing, and technique. It helps us to decrease outside distractions, allowing us to stay in the “zone”.  I have seen amazing results in my clients using self-hypnosis. I have worked with clients in golf, baseball and softball, boxing, running, tennis, gymnastics, dance, soldiers preparing to pass their P.T. and other sports.  When we rehearse our perfect moves, reactions and actions in our subconscious we are forming the future patterns for our muscles to follow when the event occurs.  And of course practice makes perfect emotionally and physically.  What we believe, we can achieve.