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Anxiety and Stress

Previously I talked about hypnosis being a normal and natural part of your mind and that you go into unintentional hypnosis hundreds of times a day.  You can also go into hypnosis due to fear, stress, anxiety, even extreme happiness.  Any strong emotion can put you into hypnosis.  Stress can account for a high percentage of unintentional hypnosis.  The greater the stress, the deeper the hypnosis.  This can also be viewed as the flight or fight mode.  When you are in this place of fear, anxiety, high stress, you have lost the ability to think clearly and logically. You see, the conscious mind isn’t able to cope with what is happening, and opts out.  The subconscious mind then becomes the dominant mind.  At this point you have lost the ability to take charge of the situation around you and make logical decisions.  You are unable to stand your ground and take care of yourself both physically and emotionally.  This is known as the flight mode.  Some people are frequently in this type of unintentional hypnosis due to previous traumas, job stress, present situational conditions, and accumulated stresses over time.  It’s not so much the event itself, it is how you perceive it and react to it that causes you to be unhappy, unhealthy and anxious.  Each of you will react differently to any situation based on heredity and environment.  How often does stress, fear or anxiety affect your life each day?