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I am here, here, once again.

This information I’m sending to you is for you and all others.

This light that filters through you, filters through all others.

On going, never ending, beautiful, radiant light.

Pure love!  Love is the very existence of all.

I am love! Always with you.

Through your time of transition, I am here.

Your transition to spirit, is never alone.

Love, Me, is with you.

Your transition into spirit, higher vibration of consciousness, is as normal as taking a nap.

Soothing, relaxing, floating, moving, light, energy, are refocused, a different perspective into oneness.

Into wholeness, into pure love, Me.

Your transition is like the speed of light, it beckons everyone.

This transition fulfills all of life.  All of life is within me. It is within you. It is everything.

Your transition into spirit is like taking a step into another room.

It is easy as a thought away.  As easy as the love in your heart.

All these things are known as transition appears.

Known, that in a split second to the wonders of another realm, lights flashing, wonderful sense of the essence of this realm.

All is known, everyone enters this transition in harmony, grace, wonder of this realm.

All is good, and I welcome you, I am you, you are Me.

We are consciousness always, there is no divide.  There is no separation, we are always one.

Even in your human form we are one. Never forget that.

Stories upon stories upon stories of humanness and we always remain as oneness.

Never ever fear taking that step into the other room.

Time continues to move forward, consciousness is all.

Everything, everyone moves forward.  Energy.  Energy is everything and I am in this energy. All that is.

I come to you with light, with energy, with pure love.  Again, I am you and you are Me.

Transitioning is all there is for all.  Love!

Souls are embraced.  Love is felt by all.  Unconditional love transitioning.

Home is pure energy and light, as am I.

Home is this brilliant love, forever moving through time and space.

This love never changes, always unconditional.

Always remember that we are one.

And we, and you, we move forward with brilliance.  Colors, music, senses of essence.

We reunite again.

Lightness enfolds you in this transition.

You have moved towards this embrace of Me.

I am always here.  Always here on every earthly plain.  The plain of this higher realm, it is  always one.

Consciousness flows through everything.  Consciousness, light and energy.

You step into another room, and the brilliance is overwhelming, it’s so beautiful and bright for you.  Nothing like it has ever been seen before by you.

Only with transitions, as many as you have, as many as you are going to have, this light welcomes you. I am this light.

All souls are constantly moving.  Souls filled with light and love.  Souls, returning home to Me.

Transitioning towards oneness.  I am that oneness.  We are that oneness.

It is all consciousness, and in this consciousness, in this realm is pure love that constantly, constantly flows through everything, and everyone.  Again unconditionally.

Have no fear of the transition.  Embrace it with love.  And know that you will move forward in this love.

Know there is more.  Again, I am all that is.  I am light, love, as are you. And I give you beauty, music, beautiful vistas.  You are uplifted in my light of another room.

I have come again today to be with you. Sending you beautiful notes of love.  Embracing you with light.  Embracing you with unconditional love as you continue your journey with the oneness of all.  Me.

As you go through the day, embrace this oneness.  All that is.  Creator.  What ever word you choose to call Me.  I am everything, I am the all, I am the I am.

Go through your day breathing in this and just be.  Be.  Be.