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You are the one, filled with grace and joy.  I’m always here with you now and forever.  Our souls are interlinked with joy from the heavens above

So, my light shines though all eternity.  It filters through every emotion you experience.  I am all there is.  I bring you joy.  It is so

Our souls are heavenly souls.  We are blessed with the flowery odor, scent of the universe.  A sweetness none will know until they are here.  A sweetness of joy ever after

The knowing is with you.  The knowing of this place will always be with you because you are always here.  Part of your soul is always here with me

Souls experience where ever they go.  I experience through them.  Souls are beautiful, ever lasting beauty.  Souls for evermore.  Souls of beauty, souls of joy, souls of wonder

Learning souls, active souls, sleeping souls.  I am with each soul completely through all time and space

Again, I am the All

All my souls are beautiful.  I breathe through you, I am you

Your souls are light.  Your souls sing through the night.  Your souls are wonderment, are beautiful, are magical, bouncing throughout the universe.  Bouncing to the music of the universe.  Your souls are glorious, light energy, never ever leaving, pure energy.  On and on forever, spiraling, spiraling closer to the center.  Entering home, spiraling, spiraling closer and closer to ultimate home.  Me!

I, Me, All That Is, Joy, these are just words from my energy that flows throughout all there is.  Every universe, every molecule, every path leads to me.  Every path leads to me, I am all!

Remember to be with this feeling as you go through the day.  Remember I am with you.  Remember to smile.  Remember to dance.  Remember to laugh

Remember me!

As souls you are perfect in my sight.  As souls you play in your time.  As souls you never end.  I give you all.  It is good.  I give you everything.  It is good

My light shines everywhere. There is no darkness, only my light in everything.  Remember your soul.  Remember your home.  All will be known in time. Remember we all connected. I am you.  My spirit flows through each of you, ongoing, never ending

Wind, wind flows through you, my essence is like the wind gently caressing each cell in your body.  This wind, my essence is filled with joy and love.  It is your core, always with you.  Your core is pure love, and light, as your joy is in your soul

Again, remember how blessed you are

You are free, to be this wonderful part of the universe

Again, just be!

I am everything!

All that is!

Just be!