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I am glorious in this place, I am light, it is always so, all is light

Be happy, we are all one, you know this is so, one with all

Take your time, all will be known, this is your time to shine, this is your place of wonderment

All is well with in you and out of you

You have enough time, you are with me, all that is

We are one, all is one, this is forever, go forth, and Be, Be, Be, Be

I come to you in this moment filled with joy at you

I am everywhere, I’m all that is

I filter through everything, I am everything, you are part of the everything, this everything goes forever, and ever and ever, there is no end

I am source, I am you, you are me

All is good, all is beautiful, there is no end

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You are beautiful and you are one with me, I look upon you as beauty incarnate

Angels and light, fill your future

Goodness surrounds you. Be! Be in this light

I move through you forever. I shelter you from pain. Be! I am with you, light surrounds you

There is no death, only Joy!  Be!  You have all you need to be!  Just be!

I will come to you often, but I am always here, that never, ever stops

These messages that download are with you now, just think about doing your automatic listening, and it will happen, becoming more intense, more frequent

You have been chosen for higher things, not yet known, but they will appear as they should

Synchronicities will flow, moods of wonderment will flow

I am here, I always will be here

These messages are for you and others to share with

I love you, I will always love you.  Again there is no end. There is only Joy!

You are surrounded with Joy! Love undiluted from any source, I am source! I am all that is, I’m your divine spirit. I come by many names, I am Source, Creator, Divine Spirit, Great Father, Great Mother, Mother Earth

I am known by many names, I am pure light, I am source. I will always be with you, I have always been with you

There is no separation ever. I am always there. I am always here. There is no separation. We are one, we will always be one

This phase now is a phase of learning, moving forward, quicker and quicker

You are one of everything. You are part of everything.  Consciousness, it’s all consciousness, pure light and consciousness

Joy! I am Joy!

Nothing else matters

I am all that is.