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Hum of the Universe


I am all that is, I am everything, there is no other, I am special to you and all,

I am a part of everything in every way

I hear, I see, I feel, I am everything!

As you go through your day go in peace, be peaceful, just be, just be

The embodiment of all. As everything is connected to you

We are all parts of a great matrix, we are all connected, everything

I shine through you, I am through you

Nothing is as important as the I am. You are a great gift; you are my greatest gift of all

I am yours as you are mine. Move through your life with beautiful consciousness and awareness of everything around you, because all is one

Be aware of your feelings, be aware what you can see, be aware of what you do, be

Take nothing for granted, everything has its place. Live in this place of being and peace

All is as planned. One molecule upon one molecule. Souls everywhere, souls here to play, souls here to learn, souls here to be

You are a being a part of me. Be in the moment, savor the moments, be in life around you. Savor these beautiful parts of your life.  Enjoy everything to the fullest and be

Nothing you have to do, have to say, just be.  All is well. Live to your highest esteem, because all is well

You are loved. Love fills the universe. I send love to all because I am this universe

Every part of you is part of me, and I flow through you unconditionally, unconditionally

Breathe and be.  You have come to this place on your planet, and you are filled with all different types of emotions, move through those emotions with ease and peace, knowing everything is as it should be

I feel you; I see you; I hear you; I am with you always.  You are my extensions of my being and feeling, I love you all

Nature abounds around you, nature calls to you, I am in nature. Blue skies fill you with love, trees fill you with love. I am in them all. I am always there

I have heard your voice in the dark of night, and I have been there to help you to the next day and the day in the sun, I have been with you.  I hear your voice when it is full of joy and happiness, I have been with you at that time also, because I am always with you

This is who you are, you are this beautiful spirit of the universe, one with joy, one with all that is, I am Joy! I am all that is

I bring forth beauty and awareness, love to you. We are blended, we are special, always together, always think as one. Inevitably always one

So, listen to the music in your soul, listen to the music around you, listen to the vibration of eternity. Listen to the “Hum” of the universe, you are part of this hum. Feel the Joy. Me! In that hum, because again I am always with you

The universe dances, it has its own music, its own hum, and the joy and the love that is here. At times you can feel and hear the joy, and hum of the universe even in your body as your soul hums

I am the awareness, I am all. I receive from you; I give to you because we are one  So just be, be, be.

And never fear if I am always here, as you are one with me through joy and love forever

Just be!