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Be Enjoy


You are well, you are divine, you are all that is, I am here with you always

I bless everything that you do, you are blessed always

I am here forever, I am in everything that you do, I see everything that you do

I am all, I am love, Love and Joy. Love in joy. Enjoy and just be

Take with you all that I say, talk with others, teach others, be with them as they grow, leave other things to me

Everyone grows at their own rate, they’re individuals, Be! No judgements, no dis-ease. Be! Accept and be

I am the All, I am the Creator, I am Joy, I fill each and every molecule in this world, and space and time, there is no time

All energy is me, consciousness is me, you are all filled with my consciousness, it flows through you and around you

You are like grains of sand on the beach, millions, trillions, zillions, all filled with my energy

Every drop in the ocean filled with my energy, every flower that blows in the wind is my energy, every petal that drops is my energy, every leaf is my energy, every animal is my energy, every, every molecule is from me

Consciousness, all vibration, all good, I am the One

You are with me always, everyone is with me always as I am with you

Nothing is left to chance, I am with you, Be

Listen for changes within yourself, Be

All is good, all is Joy, all is consciousness, I am with you, you are never alone

Again, I am the light, I nurture your souls

I watch over you, I see you, I feel you, you are part of me, my extension

All is flow, all is light, all is warmth, I am the light, filtering through existence for all

White light, prisms of light, beautiful lights, lights beyond your imaginations, I am all light, you are surrounded in this light

I am the one, I am Joy, Be! Enjoy! Be in Joy!

This message is for you and all others you share it with

Never forget I am here, you are here, we are one, never to be separated, life after life vibration after vibration we are one

All is vibration, all is consciousness

Music flows from me through all life, the music of the universe, the music of love, all is love

This Joy and love surrounds you unconditionally

You are my children, animals are my children, flowers, every part of the universe, that is my children

I learn from you, I move through you, I’m around you, I’m with you, I’m in you, every cell carries my light, my consciousness

Again, there is no end, only Joy, the Source, the Creator, the Divine Spirit

I am Joy, and this is so!

And now be! Be in this beautiful light, see colors around you like the rainbows, with zillions of different shades you have never experienced before, they are around you always

You can do no wrong, all is vibration and consciousness

There are no judgements, all is as it should be, different vibrations, different times, different spaces, all is as it should be and is

So have no fear, all is as it should be

And let this rest with you to think about, to ponder, to feel, to go deeper and deeper within

These are the truths of the universe

You hold me with in you, I hold you with in me, we are one, we are vibration, and we are light.

All is good!