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Recently my brother had to have extensive abdominal surgery. Three years ago he had an acute and critical episode of pancreatitis, at times life threatening. The surgery he had was to remove organs damaged at that time which continued to cause him severe pain, were only partially working and were continuing to cause severe inflammation in his abdomen. He was told to expect a long surgery, (7-8 hours) in which they would remove his gallbladder, spleen, part of his bowel and part of his pancreas. He was told he would be at least a week in the hospital without complications and would need several weeks recovering. I made him a hypnosis CD to prepare him for this surgery which included pre-surgery, surgery and recovery suggestions. He listened to the CD  a week before his surgery. His four doctors are  amazed at how well he did. He had very little bleeding during the surgery even with all the inflammation. He was discharged on the fifth day after surgery with just oral pain medication. Every system was working perfectly upon discharge. A week after his surgery he had taken a half mile walk with his dog. In less than a week and a half he had started driving again and running errands. Two and a half weeks after the surgery he was working part time again.  I have helped clients prepare for surgery for many years and in every case they did much better than anticipated by their doctors, they experienced less complications and their recovery was shorter. My brother’s experience is a prime example of  the power of hypnosis when used in conjunction with medical procedures.

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Hypnosis for Cheerleading,Gymnastics and Sports

Hypnosis can be used as a wonderful tool in sports performance.  The first thing that comes to mind is  golf and tennis because many books have been written for these sports, many times referring to “being in the zone”.  So what about other sports situations.  Using hypnosis for cheerleading and gymnastics in children and teens can be extremely powerful and helpful for the child.  Many times the child is doing great in the sport for months or years and then has a fall or trips up and that may actually take the stuffing out of them or in some cases cause a minor injury.  Depending on the stress at the time they either get back up and start over or in many cases their confidence begins to erode and fear sets in.  They find themselves more and more unable to complete the activity, even though they have successfully completed the activity hundreds of times.  Thoughts of fear of injury, low self confidence and self doubt begin to get stronger and more powerful even as the child continues to try and try again to complete the activity and usually ends up failing over and over again.  I have worked with many children and teenagers on just this problem.  Hypnosis (especially with young people) can be a very quick and powerful tool to help them get past the fear and move towards their goals once again, renewing self confidence and self esteem.


A client of mine was facing open heart surgery and was extremely apprehensive due to her medical problems.  She had previously experienced a heart attack and angiogram and was scheduled for  major surgery.  She had type 1 diabetes for years, compromised kidneys, and lung disease due to a previous history of smoking for many years.  She didn’t even think she would make it through the surgery, and the doctors also had many doubts.  I saw her prior to her surgery and made a tape for her.  I also saw her in the hospital the day before surgery with even more hypnotherapy.  This client experienced a successful and involved open heart surgery.   She came out of anesthesia in a much shorter period of time than most.  She had minimal discomfort after the surgery.   I saw her in  the I.C.U. the day after and gave her even more hypnotherapy including suggestions for normal sinus rhythm of the heart, increased kidney function, normal blood and urine chemistrys, and generalized post-operative healing.   Her doctors were amazed at her recovery, especially due to all her preexisting conditions. She left the hospital sooner than most patients and experienced a positive recovery.  This is just one example of the power of hypnosis in surgery situations.


Previously I’ve talked about unintentional hypnosis, and how easy it is for you to go in and out of it on a daily basis, depending on circumstances in your life. This section talks about intentional hypnosis. Intentional hypnosis is relaxation, with visualization, and suggestive therapy. In hypnotherapy the conscious mind relaxes with progressive relaxation and deepening techniques, thus allowing the subconscious mind to be in the dominant position. During hypnosis your subconscious is alert and open to new information and suggestions. You will never accept a suggestion that is not in line with your moral code, ethical behavior or belief system. I can’t make you quack like a duck unless you really want to. (Most men clients ask me that one!)
In hypnosis I give the client logic and reasoning to past behaviors, and give the client new suggestions based on their new goals, actions, and feelings they desire to have. Because these are in line with how they want to be and feel, they are accepted and stored in the brain for later use. The new suggestions then become the new behavior that overrides the old behavior the client no longer wants or needs.
Your subconscious mind is there for your health and well being, use it for your benefit!


Previously I talked about hypnosis being a normal and natural part of your mind and that you go into unintentional hypnosis hundreds of times a day.  You can also go into hypnosis due to fear, stress, anxiety, even extreme happiness.  Any strong emotion can put you into hypnosis.  Stress can account for a high percentage of unintentional hypnosis.  The greater the stress, the deeper the hypnosis.  This can also be viewed as the flight or fight mode.  When you are in this place of fear, anxiety, high stress, you have lost the ability to think clearly and logically. You see, the conscious mind isn’t able to cope with what is happening, and opts out.  The subconscious mind then becomes the dominant mind.  At this point you have lost the ability to take charge of the situation around you and make logical decisions.  You are unable to stand your ground and take care of yourself both physically and emotionally.  This is known as the flight mode.  Some people are frequently in this type of unintentional hypnosis due to previous traumas, job stress, present situational conditions, and accumulated stresses over time.  It’s not so much the event itself, it is how you perceive it and react to it that causes you to be unhappy, unhealthy and anxious.  Each of you will react differently to any situation based on heredity and environment.  How often does stress, fear or anxiety affect your life each day?

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